Empower everyone with the ability to easily inspect and trace cryptoasset payment flows.

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What is Pathfinder?

Iknaio Pathfinder is a powerful online service that allows you to easily analyze addresses and transactions in various cryptoasset networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The interface is intuitive, enabling you to follow the money on an individual transaction level as well as at an aggregated level, ensuring that they never lose sight of the bigger picture.

You can annotate your investigations by tagging addresses and highlighting relevant paths. This makes it easy to stay organized and focused. Investigations and tags can be exported and shared with others, making it simple to collaborate on complex projects.

Iknaio Pathfinder is based on the open source GraphSense Dashboard and provides additional advanced features such as collaborative investigations and automating information requests. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool for anyone looking to gain insights into payment flows or conduct investigations in the world of digital currencies.

Basic Features

Inspect addresses and transactions

Search for a given cryptoasset address or transaction and view statistical properties like current balance or transaction history.

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Follow the money

Easily trace money flows between cryptoasset addresses until you find a specific actor, like a cryptoasset exchange where the money is converted back to fiat money. Use the built-in path search function to search paths automatically.

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Annotate your investigations

Annotate interesting addresses with additional tags and highlight relevant payment paths. This information stays with you (in your browser) and is, by default, not shared with anyone.

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Export and share investigations

Export your investigation and additional tags as a file and share them with your colleagues. They can re-import your investigation without sharing this information with anyone else.

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Additional Services

Connecting cases

Connect investigators working who are working on similar or closely related investigations. Work smarter and not harder by harnessing the power of interconnected investigations.

Automate information requests

Use pre-defined templates to contact Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) for information requests on given cryptoasset transactions or addresses.